Extending your use-by date – on national Today show.

On Tuesday, 26 March, I was interviewed on the Australian national breakfast television program, the Today show, by one of the co-presenters, Lisa Wilkinson, about my e-book, Extending your use-by date: Why retirement age is only a number.  This was a great chance to share the book’s theme with a national TV audience on Channel 9: that we sometimes head unthinkingly into retirement at a time when people are generally living longer and when we have built up a formidable array of skills and knowledge.

Lisa asked a number of well-focused questions, and I was able to get across the main points of the book. The dozen or so radio interviews I’d done in the previous week prepared me well for the sorts of questions that came up. I didn’t have time to be (too) nervous.

I was pleased that Lisa didn’t ask me how old I am. Only a couple of interviewers have, so far. Just as I think retirement age is only a number, so I think there is too much focus on precisely how old a person is, when it’s mostly irrelevant. I’m happy to acknowledge that I’m working into older age, and that I have no plans to retire, but my specific age should not define me. Fortunately, only a few selected occupations in some Australian states are now subject to a compulsory retirement age, such as judges and police officers, and even in those vocations the Australian Law Reform Commission  favours assessment of an individual’s capability, rather than compulsory retirement on the basis of age.

I wasn’t the main feature on that morning’s Today show, of course. Ellen DeGeneres was in Australia at the time to record a show and make some appearances, and for some reason she got more air time than I did…

I still have more interviews coming up, including one with Radio New Zealand.


Extending your use-by date is available as a digital ePub eBook file and can be downloaded for AU$9.99 from the publisher: www.xoum.com.au, and from Amazon.com, iBookstore and Kobo.

If you’ve never downloaded an e-book to a computer or laptop before, the process is straightforward: you first need to download a free e-book reader, such as Adobe Digital Editions, Aldiko, or Calibre, then download the book from one of the above sites. If you use a Mac, iBookstore is your best source, and if you have a Kindle e-reader, Amazon is the linked bookstore.

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