‘Extending your use-by date’ now online

This is an exciting time for me. My e-book, Extending your use-by date: Why retirement age is only a number, is now online.* It’s available through the publisher, www.xoum.com.au, as well as at Amazon.comKobo, and the Apple iBookstore.

The starting point for Extending Your Use-By Date is that we sometimes head unthinkingly into retirement at a time when we are living longer than ever and when we have developed skills and abilities we can keep on using. The book also argues that continuing to work can maintain our wellbeing as well as contribute to our bank balance.

Extending Your Use-By Date draws on the real-life experiences of people who have worked or are working into older life in lots of different ways. They tell us how they’ve made the most of their knowledge, skills and talents as they’ve grown older, and why they decided to pick up and move that milestone known as ‘retirement age’. We also learn what we can expect of our minds and bodies as we get older, and about the current phenomenon of ageing populations and the greying of the workforce, and how these developments could mean new opportunities for older workers.

While the book uses Australian examples, the lessons from the personal stories and latest research are universal.

In the forthcoming week, I am doing radio interviews across Australia about the book. Most of these interviews are on Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC:  www.abc.net.au) stations, and you can listen direct, online or via podcasts, wherever you live in the world. Two of the interviews will be broadcast nationally: on Tony Delroy’s Nightlife at 10.10pm Monday 18 March, and on Life Matters, with Natasha Mitchell at 9.20am on Thursday 21 March (times are Australian).

*For the uninitiated, the following information comes from LexisNexis (http://www.lexisnexis.com.au/ebooks/downloads/faq_ebooks_guide_a4_online.pdf)

What is an eBook?
Also known as electronic books, eBooks are digital versions of books that can be read on personal computers, mobile handheld devices such as iPads or eReader devices such as the Sony eReader.

What is an eBook reader?
An eBook reader is the software you use to read your eBook. You may need to download eBook reader software to your device or computer, to read your eBook. Most mobile devices already contain software that allows you to read eBooks.

[I am still learning about e-readers and e-books, but I downloaded Adobe Digital Editions software on my laptop (easy), and Aldiko Book Reader software on my android tablet (harder), before I downloaded the book, but there are various e-readers available. I understand you need a Kindle device or program to download books from the Amazon.com site, and other software (such as I used) before you can download files with an ePUB ending from other bookstores.

I know that some readers will be using e-readers for the first time with Extending your use-by date, so if anyone knows of a site with straightforward information for newcomers about downloading ePUBs to any device, I’d love to hear from you via ‘Comments’. DRD]

2 thoughts on “‘Extending your use-by date’ now online

    There have been a couple of reports of problems with opening ‘Extending Your Use-by Date’ after downloading from the Xoum site to a computer.

    If you have downloaded the book from Xoum to your computer, and can’t open the file, it is likely that you do not have e-reader software on your computer. (There is a note on the Xoum site about this, at the bottom of the book details.)

    This is easy to fix. If you want to download onto a desktop computer or laptop, you first need to download a free e-book reader, such as Adobe Digital Editions. Steps to follow:

    1. On your computer, go to http://www.adobe.com/au/products/digital-editions/download.html. Click on the version of Adobe Digital Editions you want (Mac or Windows) and follow the prompts.

    2. When you have successfully downloaded the free Adobe Digital Editions e-reader software, click on the downloaded e-book again. It should now open.

    3. To save the book into your Adobe Digital Editions library, go to the ‘File’ menu, and click on ‘Save to library’ or ‘Copy to library’. The book will then be in your library, and next time you open Adobe Digital Editions (the icon should be on your desktop), you will see the book there, ready to open.

    If you have a tablet or other mobile device, it should have e-reader software already installed.

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